Do Mcdonald’S Points Expire?

McDonald’s is a place that makes you think of delicious juicy burgers, crispy fries, and of course, earning rewards with every purchase. However, the question that arises from any rewards programme is – Do McDonald’s points expire?

To get the most out of your McDonald’s Rewards account, you have to understand the rule regarding expiry – in order not to see your favourite chips disappear from your sight together with all those points that were so difficult to win.

Do Mcdonald'S Points Expire?

What are McDonald’s Points?

But before talking about expiration, let us just briefly glimpse what these points mean in McDonald’s. The company has a program called McDonald’s Rewards that allows customers to earn points for each qualified purchase at their restaurants.

So how does it work?

  • Earning Points: Normally one dollar or whatever amount is sufficient depending on local currency earns several points. At times some purchases may even grant temporary bonus points.
  • Point Value and Rewards: These include free food & drinks and menu items unique and only available for redemption by use of accumulated points. The value per reward varies based on the number of points required to be redeemed.

Answering the Burning Question

Now back to the burning question that keeps you awake at night (well, maybe not literally but at least figuratively). Do McDonald’s points expire? Where you live determines whether they do or not; this response will vary depending on where you are situated.

In most countries, there is typically no expiration date tied to one’s hard-earned coupons from McDonald’s. Hence, these can be gained at an individual’s pace and then cashed in whenever desired without having any fear that they might end up disappearing into a void resembling McFlurry machines.

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However, there are a few exceptions. Some countries or regions might have specific regulations that require reward programs to implement an expiration policy. To be sure of the terms and conditions of your local program, it is advisable to go through the official website or app for McDonald’s.

Checking Your McDonald’s Points Balance

So how do you check your McDonald’s points balance and make sure you don’t have piles of unused rewards? Two methods are available:

  1. The McDonald’s App: This is where you can find anything about Rewards. Download this software, log in and then go straight to the section with rewards. Of course, it will immediately show you how many points you currently have.
  2. Website or In-Store Inquiry: The most convenient one is downloading the application but there are other ways like going online to a McDonald’s website and logging into your account or asking any employee at a local store.

Maximize Your McPoints:

Now that we know how not to lose our McDonald’s reward points (most times!), let us now take a look at some of the tips that will help us become a McDonald’s Rewards guru:

  • Download App & Register: The app allows users to monitor their points easily; find exclusive offers; and order ahead for speedy service.
  • Take Advantage of Bonus Point Offers: Keep an eye out for limited-time promotions that offer bonus points on specific menu items or purchases.
  • Plan Your Redemptions: Look through the rewards list and think strategically when deciding what to pick in advance; let upcoming cravings or special occasions shape your choice of reward.
  • Dust not on Your Points: Keep in mind that there is no interest in points! Keep them redeemed to enjoy the fruits (or should we say fries?) of your loyalty.
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Uh Oh! Expired Points? Don’t Panic (Just Yet)

While expiration is uncommon for most McDonald’s Rewards programs, let’s say you discover your points have somehow vanished. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check Double-Expiration Policy: Check out the official McDonald’s website or app to know their policies as per the expiry of points in a particular region. It might have happened during those grace periods or other reasons that resulted in the expiry of your points.
  • Call Support Center: If you think you made a mistake, call McDonald’s customer care through either the app, website or phone. Briefly state what occurred and they could help you out.

Remember prevention is better than cure. Regularly check your point balance and plan your redemptions to avoid any last-minute point loss panics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions regarding McDonald’s points expiration:

What countries’ McDonald’s points expire?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this. Most countries don’t allow expiring but remember that it does vary sometimes so be sure to check with the official website or app from McDonald’s specifically for your country for the latest information.

What if I hadn’t used my McDonald’s App in years? Do McDonald’s points expire?

Since your area does not have any inactivity policy (which is rare), there is no risk of you losing the points. However, it is a good practice to log into the app occasionally and ascertain that everything is running well.


By understanding Do McDonald’s points expire? and the program’s intricacies, you can become a rewards-savvy McDonald’s customer. Remember:

  • Downloading the McDonald’s app to monitor or control their points quickly.
  • Taking advantage of special bonus schemes.
  • Redeeming them to avoid an expiry date in some very rare instances.
  • The official website of McDonald’s for a particular region should provide more information about this program.

Using these suggestions you can turn your purchases at McDonald’s into delightful treats and make every mouthful count even more. Now go forth and conquer those golden arches, one McReward at a time!

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