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McDonald’s, we have all known the famous golden arches of this fast food joint that does not only do chips and burgers; instead it is committed to ensuring that each one of its customers’ experiences is always enjoyable with every step they make on any of their premises.

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In this regard, the McDVOICE survey has been set aside for you. It is an opportunity for you to have a say in how the company should operate. By giving your true feedback, you play a vital role in shaping the future of McDonald’s.

What Exactly is the McDVOICE Survey?

What Exactly is the McDVOICE Survey?

The McDVOICE survey is a tool by which McDonald’s seeks to get firsthand information from its customers who are online in an attempt to improve its services as well as retain and attract more clients.

Here’s why the McDVOICE survey matters:

  • Enhances Services: Your feedback regarding hygiene, staff politeness and service speed will lead to improvements at McDonald’s. Did it seem like it took forever in the drive-thru? Indicate so through this survey! Was it spotless? Say so! Such details enable McDonald’s to maintain high-quality standards all through.
  • Shapes Menu Offerings: When it comes to menu items, McDonald’s uses data obtained from the McDVOICE surveys to understand what its customers prefer. Do you have a new sauce flavour request? Tell them about such cravings! Did fries taste dull? You can drop some feedback on that too! This insight helps in making outlines of menus in line with actual customer needs for McDonald’s.
  • Enhances Overall Customer Experience: The main aim behind conducting the McDVOICE survey is just to improve everyone’s experience at a local McDonald’s outlet. What matters most as far as these people are concerned becomes clear when people like you participate in it. From user-friendly mobile ordering up to a welcoming environment, your feedback will dictate the McDonald’s of tomorrow.

The McDVOICE survey is a win-win. You get your opinion across while McDonald’s gets valuable customers insights that they can use to further improve their product and services. Therefore, remember keep your receipt when you visit McDonald’s next time because it is what grants you access to the McDVOICE survey!

Eligibility and Steps for Participating in the McDVOICE Survey

Eligibility and Steps for Participating in the McDVOICE Survey

The golden arches of McDonalds are recognizable worldwide as well as its known commitment towards quality customer experience. The McDVOICE survey is essential towards fulfilling this commitment by way of providing an opportunity for consumers like you to give feedback or influence operational decisions at Mcdonalds. But how do I go about taking part in this survey? who is eligible? This article will take us through these requirements.

Who Can Share Their Voice Through McDVOICE?

The McDVOICE survey is open to any person who has had a meal at a participating location. For age restrictions, there aren’t any so long as one possesses a valid receipt from their recent visits. Here are some quick points regarding eligibility:

  • Recent McDonald’s Visit: The main aim of the McDVOICE survey was to get specific information about your most recent encounter with one of the fast food outlets found throughout America. Freshness increases value for such information as far as mcdonalds is concerned.
  • Valid Survey Code: A unique twenty-six digit number on your Mc Donald’s receipt labelled “Survey Code” ensures that you find out how much satisfaction can be drawn from Mcdonalds’ products and services.. It appears either on the bottom or somewhere within middle section of receipts therefore ensure that it does not get lost.

One Survey per Visit: Generally, you can only take the McDVOICE survey once per trip to a participating McDonald’s location so that McDonald’s obtains focused feedback on each visit.

Also while there are no age restrictions it’s important to note that participants should be capable of understanding and answering the survey questions in a manner that is meaningful.

Participating in the McDVOICE Survey:

There are two easy ways to complete McDVOICE survey which is online or through phone. Here’s a step by step guide for each method:

Online Method:

  1. Hold Onto Your Receipt: That receipt with your order details? It is your gateway into the McDVOICE survey. Look for the 26-digit Survey Code on your receipt.
  2. Head to the McDVOICE Website: Open a web browser on your computer or smartphone and go to https://www.mcdvoice.com/, which is McDVOICE official website.
  3. Enter Your Survey Code: On this site, you will be required to provide your 26-digit receipt code under “Start” section as indicated in Figure1 below.
  4. Share Your Experience: The next thing that follows are some questions about its experience at McDonald’s such as how friendly were staff, how clean was restaurant, how quick was service and most importantly how good was food? Be honest and specific in your answers, elaborating more information enhances their value to McDonalds.
  5. Submit Your Feedback: McDonald’s loves you for this reason submit your feedback after completing all questions in the survey, but usually you will get validation code at end from them as gratitude for visiting them and filling out their questionnaire.

Tip: Some participating locations may offer a free reward or discount for completing the McDVOICE survey! Check out terms mentioned on slip if this program is available at your local place of residence and where you can use your validation code to get the reward.

Phone Method:

  1. Locate the Phone Number: Some McDonald’s receipts may have a toll-free number that customers can call for purpose of participating in their McDVOICE survey through phone, although the online method is more common. Such instructions will appear alongside such a phone number.
  2. Dial the Number: You will only need to dial the survey‘s telephone number if it is still available on your receipt.
  3. Follow the Prompts: Once you are connected, an automated system will guide you through answering those questions. Listen to them and choose right numbers or give your answers orally.

Please note that there is no phone option for McDVOICE in some locations, while others consider online as more reliable means of participation.

To take part in this survey just follow these steps and give out your valuable feedback to McDonalds easily; don’t forget that every voice counts!

Share Your Voice and Reap Rewards with the McDVOICE Survey

McDonald’s understands that its success depends on happy customers and this is why they have come up with a platform called McDVOICE where one can say whatever they feel about their services or products directly affecting company operations itself. The reason why people participate in McDVOICE surveys though, extends beyond helping McDonalds in improving its service delivery; it could also be big rewards to you too!

Win Big with Rewards and Recognition

Who doesn’t love something extra? Many McDonald’s restaurants give attractive incentives as a way of thanking you for taking your time to answer the McDVOICE survey. Here are some of the potential rewards you can obtain.

  • Free Menu Items: Do you crave for those fries that look like gold or a cool drink? The next visit, after doing the McDVOICE survey may offer you one free menu item. Check your receipt for details about this benefit in your local McDonald’s.
  • Discounts on Your Next Purchase: Do you feel like going shopping? McDVOICE survey might earn you a nice discount on your subsequent buy at McDonald’s. The deal details are usually provided on the receipts since discounts vary from place to place.

Rewards are great, but it is more valuable for your voice to be heard…Your feedback is like gold!

Sharing Your Voice Takes Just Minutes

We all lead busy lives and yet the McDVOICE survey was designed with speed and convenience in mind. It’s worth mentioning that taking this full survey online can take just a few minutes or through phone. This is why you must take part:

  • Direct Customer Input: Through the McDVOICE survey, customers can provide direct feedback to McDonald’s without any intermediaries involved. This allows us to hear what exactly they have to say!
  • Actionable Insights: There may be multiple reasons behind whether or not McDonald’s improves food quality or service speed; however, as such factors are considered by its individual customers in terms of their feedback and comments, there will be an understanding. For example, when many customers participate, it gives McDonald’s wider insights into what matters most.
  • Shaping the Future of McDonald’s: When people open up about their experiences using this platform, they do more than simply comment on their recent visits: they help create an image of tomorrow’s restaurant chain. It is the feedback that influences the kind of menu McDonald’s offers, as well as training its workers in this sector, thereby enhancing customer experience.

Therefore, next time you happen to eat a sumptuous burger or sip on a refreshing drink at McDonald’s, keep your receipt! That document will help you unlock some benefits and change one’s view concerning McDonald’s.


The McDVOICE survey is not just any other feedback format; it represents an interaction between you and McDonald’s. By taking just a few minutes to put your thoughts down sincerely, you may be earning yourself amazing prizes while playing an important role in shaping the destiny of McD.

So, go ahead and participate in the McDVOICE survey because we want to hear what you think! Together we can make our McDonald’s experience even better than before! Thank you for your participation in McDonald’s ongoing drive for improvement!

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