What Do You Get When You Fill Out A Mcdonald’S Survey?

The issue that can come to mind after having these McDonald’s favorites is What do you get when you fill out a McDonald’s survey? Every one of us has been in such a situation – we drive to our favourite fast food place and buy a portion of fries with its famous Big Mac only to meet a nice voice at the counter asking us if we will complete our survey.

You have nothing much to worry about because it is not just ticking the box for participation in McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey. It allows you to share your experience, win some delicious rewards or even enter into the competition and win amazing prizes. So fasten your seatbelts as this article takes you through all of the advantages associated with giving your important feedback to McDonald’s.

What Do You Get When You Fill Out A Mcdonald'S Survey?

What’s the Prize of a McDonald’s Survey?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love something extra on their meal from McDonald’s? When you fill out a McDonald’s survey, certain instant rewards can brighten up your next visit. Here are some:

  • Free Menu Items: Think of how exciting it would be coming up at a drive-thru knowing that there is already an order of golden fries for a free and juicy chicken sandwich waiting for one just by simply taking part in the survey! This is a typical reward but may vary depending on existing promotions.
  • Discounts: At times, this could mean getting discounted rates on your whole purchase or specific meals from their menu. It could also mean better value for money while enjoying more from McDonald’s with less money.

How Do I Redeem My Rewards After Completing The Survey? Your receipt will usually give you a validation code or be it to the My McDonald Rewards App (in case of participating) for completing the survey. Note this code down, it’s your key to unlocking those heavenly rewards while checking out.

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Going Beyond the Burger:

Other than immediate gratification What do you get when you fill out a McDonald’s survey? The opportunity to win big! In addition to their surveys, McDonald’s often runs sweepstakes where participants have a chance of winning some awesome prizes. Here are some things you could be fighting for:

  • Cash Prizes: Can one imagine being paid extra money just for his or her opinion on McDonald’s? Some of these promotions may feature cash prizes.
  • Gift Cards: This implies that you can enjoy more meals at McDonald’s if you win its gift card. Surprise someone special in your life, or better yet save it as a means of treating yourself.

How Many Times Do You Have Sweepstakes Happen? As stated, the frequency and duration of these promotion sweepstakes differ from one time to another. You need to check on this while doing any survey to know if there is a provision for entering into a draw.

Finishing Up The Survey

What do you get when you fill out a McDonald’s survey? There are not only rewards but also an opportunity to let your voice be heard! The process of filling up the questionnaire is designed to take little time:

  1. Take Your Receipt! Look for the survey code printed on it (usually consisting of twenty-six characters).
  2. Visit McDVoice.com or open MyMcDonald’s Rewards App.
  3. Enter a survey code and answer the questions that follow honestly
  4. Also, submit your survey. It won’t take much of your time to do so.

Benefits for You and McDonald’s

What do you get when you fill out a McDonald’s survey? Not only rewards! Here is how participating will benefit both you and McDonalds:

Customer Benefits:

  • Improved Future Experiences: Your feedback makes it possible for McDonald’s to know what you prefer. This information can be used in future to improve service, menu items as well as the overall dining experience.
  • Your Voice Heard: The survey is your opportunity to tell about your recent visit to McDonald’s. What you think matters!
  • McDonald’s Benefits: In addition, by conducting surveys on their customers, McDonald’s:
    • Enhance Customer Satisfaction: They understand customer needs and preferences hence improving on them leading to happy customers.
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Develop Innovative Products and Services – Customers’ feedback could prompt new menu items, promotions, or methods of serving customers.

Who Gets To Participate?

What do you get when you fill out a McDonald’s survey? But there are some things to keep in mind before attempting this chance which is open to everyone:


You must have a valid survey code found at the end of any recent receipt from any branch of MacDonald’s (usually a 26-digit number). Without receipt, no one can be surveyed here!

In some cases there may be age restrictions with regard Wherever applicable please read through the specific terms of conditions provided upon commencing a given study.


One Survey per Receipt – Often only one study per receipt may be participated.

  • Frequency Limits – You might find that within any particular period such as months, there are limits as to how many studies you can participate officially in say per month for instance. Always check online studies platform terms and conditions for details.
  • Geographic RestrictionsSurveys and sweepstakes may be confined to particular geographic areas in some cases.

Tips for Making Your Voice Heard

What do you get when you fill out a McDonald’s survey? You will feel so good because all your ideas were well taken into account! Here are some tips on how to make sure that everyone hears what you have to say:

  • Be Honest and Truthful: Don’t beat about the bush with your experience. Give real feedback, negative or positive ones. It helps them know where they should work.
  • Be Specific: Avoid giving comments like “good” or “bad”. Instead indicate specific aspects which you liked most or need improvement (e.g. how friendly the staff was, cleanliness of the restaurant).
  • Focus on Constructive Feedback – Although criticism is important, focus mainly on suggestions or possible solutions on how these issues could be changed. This way McDonald’s will know how to help you.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all McDonald’s locations offer survey rewards?

Some individual restaurants do not participate in this reward program for surveys. One can identify such through signs indicating participation in survey research or simply asking an attendant for confirmation.

Can I use multiple survey rewards at once?

As regards combining several offers, one must find out if it is acceptable from the particular deals offered by McDonald’s various outlets. To determine this information, one has to check with the cashier when redeeming any reward item.

What if I lose my receipt with the survey code?

Unfortunately, should you lose the receipt containing the code, it becomes unredeemable. Keep your receipts intact until you have used the code.


There you have it! You now know exactly what happens when you do MacDonald’s survey. It is an opportunity to grab mouthwatering rewards, possibly win big and make a difference in McDonald’s for everybody – including yourself!

The next time you are having a meal at MacDonald’s do not hesitate to take part in the survey because your voice is important and those fries may be free of charge for you!

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